Uncle Murda ft. French Montana-"Money Work" [LISTEN/DOWNLOAD]

Uncle Murda is back with a new joint off his First 48 mixtape called “Money Work,” featuring French Montana. The repetitive track is faintly reminiscent of Montana’s “Pop That” and is set up so that just about any rapper hot on the charts right now, could potentially replace him, without having to try too hard.

Coming off the release of “B.I.G. Vs. Jay” Murda fails to produce any redeemable heat, and instead settles for bringing things to a low boil, before passing the baton over to Montana. For his part, the Moroccan rapper sticks to the transient flow that earned him a spot on our 25 Winners of the Summer list.

The 27-year-old’s commitment to never veering too far from his signature sound is only refreshing in that the listener already knows what to expect. “I put in overtime, b-tch I let my money work/ You know I overgrind/ b-tch now I’m 20 worth (million),” he boasts. Since coming into a lot of money this year, Montana has every reason to get his brag on. “I know some actresses, I know some p-rn stars/ I own some businesses/I got some sports bars,” he adds.

For those interested in much of the same, this joint most definitely fits the bill; but don’t take our word for it, have a listen below, and judge for yourself.


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